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President Trump Holds Bizarre Press Conference With Kanye West

Kanye West Gives Bizarre Rant During Meeting With President Trump During the meeting in the Oval Office, the rapper spoke openly about his admiration for the commander-in-chief. At one point, West said he loved Trump and gave the president a hug. The "I Love It" rapper began the much-anticipated sit-down by praising Trump's efforts in North Korea. Wearing a MAGA hat, West discussed the backlash he's received from Hollywood for his support of the president. Kanye West, via White House press pool West discussed many topics in a rambling dialogue that included everything from bringing manufacturing to the United States, his personal business deals, ending stop-and-frisk in Chicago and the 13th Amendment. West even referenced his bipolar disorder diagnosis, saying that he was misdiagnosed by a doctor and was merely sleep-deprived. Trump responded to Kanye's rant, stating, "I tell you what, that was pretty impressive. That was quite something."

Source: Inform News

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