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Kleenex 'Mansize' Tissues Will Rebrand

Kleenex 'Mansize' Tissues Will Rebrand Kleenex owner Kimberly Clark says its 'Mansize' tissues will be renamed 'Extra Large' tissues. The change comes after consumer complaints that the 'Mansize' name was sexist. Packages for the tissues describe them as "confidently strong" and "comfortingly soft." Kimberly Clark, via 'ABC News' The Advertising Standards Authority has also said it will ban ads that encourage gender stereotypes, such as women cleaning up after their family or men failing to do housework. Sam Smethers, Fawcett Society CEO, via 'The Telegraph' Kleenex 'For Men' tissues were first launched back in 1956, with the claim that they "stayed strong when wet."

Source: Inform News

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