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Former Employee Sues Spotify for Multiple Issues

Former Employee Sues Spotify for Multiple Issues Hong Perez, a former sales executive at Spotify, has filed a lawsuit against the company and her former boss Brian Berner. Perez's lawsuit accuses the music streamer of gender discrimination, equal pay violations and defamation. The complaint alleges Berner took men-only groups to the Sundance Film Festival in 2016 and 2017, which were internally referred to as “boys' trips.” Perez also claims that when Berner got in trouble for issues surrounding a discounting deal, she was falsely blamed for the situation. Perez, who was then fired, adds the company sent an email to the Spotify sales team alleging she violated the company’s code of conduct. The complaint goes on to allege men at Spotify were awarded higher compensation and equity compared to women in the company.

Source: Inform News

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