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Drake Sues Woman for Extortion

Drake Sues Woman for Extortion The rapper is suing Layla Lace after she allegedly made false claims of pregnancy and rape. The two met during Drake's 'Boy Meets World' Tour in 2017, where Drake claimed they had consensual sex. Shortly after, Lace claimed she was pregnant on Instagram and went on Sirius XM’s 'Shade 45' in April 2017. The lawsuit lays out a "fantasy relationship" by Lace with texts allegedly sent between the two. Drake is suing for civil extortion, emotional distress, fraud, abuse of process and defamation. The lawsuit states that when Drake refused to pay for the baby, Lace allegedly went to the police with rape claims. It further states Drake was cleared by Manchester police, however, Lace demanded millions in exhange for her silence. The lawsuit says

Source: Inform News

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